Donating To StageWorks

Springfield StageWorks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit performing arts organization. We rely not only on our greatly valued volunteers, but also your generous, tax-deductible donations to survive.  Much goes into producing a play or musical, including the cost of performance rights, costumes, set construction and of course, electricity, heat & A/C during rehearsals and productions.  Donating to StageWorks allows you to contribute, without time constraints, to the advancement of the arts.  We graciously accept donations in person or via snail-mail, and are currently discussing the implementation of an online donation system, for your convenience.  We look forward to many seasons of edgy, thought provoking and timeless productions and your generous donations help to ensure each subsequent production is the very best we can provide to you, the community.

All donations can be presented in person or mailed to our post office box, listed below.  For security reasons, please do not send cash through the mail, only checks or money orders. Please be sure to include your return address.


Springfield StageWorks
Attn: Donations
PO Box 2121
Springfield OH 45501
Want to see something specific to represent your contribution?  You can also advertise in the StageWorks production programs!  All money collected from ad sales goes right back into the productions we present to you!  Click HERE for more information.

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